2 Party System
Common Sense
Grand Strategy
ID Leaders
Issue Sources
List and Issues
Politics is Local
Web Pages
Words and Bias

                                        Contents and Organization

I.      First or Index Page   Lays out organization and describes the effort.

II.     "About Us" Describes the Role That individuals are asked to Play III.   "Objectives" Describes what this effort is expected to achieve

IV.    "Issues" sets up  approachs to the asking the questions and prioritizing of issues.

V.     "Get involved" is about some minimum or maximum involvement that might interest you

VI.    "Strategies"  lays out the herculean major and minor strategies.

VII.   "Resources"  indicates some of the links you might want to use.

VIII.  "Tools"  is a list of some of the Web tools and links you might want to use.

IX.     "Brain" is an Initial  conceptual diagram of the effort using "The Brain" software.

X.       "2 Party System" is an initial analysis of Major Political party failures.

XI.      "Assumptions" lists some initial prejudices underlying the effort.

XII.     "FAQ" explains some of the background questions that come up.

XIII.    "Grand Strategy"  is a layout of an important notional U.S. Strategy

XIV.     "I D Leaders"  What does our nation need as a President?

XV.       "Issue Sources" Some Web sites for researching issues.

XVI.      "List of Issues"  We cannot solve all issues. How do we prioritize?

XVII.     "Opponents" Who will oppose us and how can we use that opposition?

XVIII.    "Politics is Local" How to use the  increasing gap between local and national.

XIX.      "Services"  What are the special Ingredient that makes this effort plausible?

XX.        " Topics" There are some unique problems that we must solve as we proceed.

XXI.       "Volunteer"  You are already doing something that can push this effort along.

XXII.      "Web Pages"  How can get us to link to a web effort that already exists.

XXIII.     "Weblog" Already run a weblog.  Talk us up.  Some ideas.

XXIV.      "Words and Bias"  It is hard to be neutral but important to strive to be fair.

The budding major issue site is issuewiki.us.


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