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Do: We need to Get... 

Activist Thinkers to work one political, moral, religious or natural law issue and establish their web page on that topic

Researchers to define one area of web coverage - pick an area

Editors to organize contributors in one issue, argument, research area, or question

Person who knows the technology of "The Brain" Software system

Public Relations person to spread the word

Lawyer to establish tax-free corporation to pay for software and administrative expenses

Organizers for cities and on-line groups - who can relate to the needs of those entities

Blogers to spread the word and to help others get their blog up to speed

Fund writers and fund seekers for further development of the tax-deductible organization

Researchers in address lists of recent political splinter or regional groups

Web developers to help other volunteers bring up their sites

Finders who like to contact issue area experts who might want to address issues or research areas on the NSC site.

A person to set up a web site or blog identifying and cataloging the bias of political websites of propaganda, unconstrained. and constrained political publications



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